Episode 33: Ryan Barton-Grimley

We went a little crazy!  I wanted to interview the team behind the great film Repatriation, which won a Grand Jury Prize at Film Invasion L.A. in 2017.  It was released on Amazon Prime and the Ryan Barton-Grimley (producer/lead actor) and Douglas Mueller (writer/director) and were trying to figure out a time we could all chat.  Eventually, we gave up and I recorded a podcast with each filmmaker separately.  Then… suddenly we were able to get on Skype together and record it.

Yes, this is Repatriation Interview 1 of 3, Ryan Barton-Grimley by himself.  Interview 2 of 3 with Douglas Mueller is HERE.

Obviously there are going to be a lot of spoilers.  I highly recommend you watch this award winning feature before you listen!

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