2020 Grand Jury Prize Winners

Grand Jury Prize Winners

Best Feature Film – F20
Best Feature Film – The Imaginary State
Best Documentary Feature – Another Child
Best Short Film – Comedy – Bryers Cucumber Tostino’s
Best Short Film – Comedy – Crew 3,14
Best Short Film – Drama – Avec Le Temps (With Time)
Best Short Film – Drama – Tides
Best Short Film – Experimental – Haiku
Best Short Film – Horror – A Strange Calm
Best Short Film – Animation – Cruel Shoes
Best Documentary Short – Across Borders
Best Music Video – SHE

Best Director, Feature Film – Arsen A. Ostojic – F20
Best Director, Short Film – Maria Eva Urrutia – Avec Le Temps (With Time)
Best Actress in a Lead Role – Romina Tonkovic – F20
Best Actor in a Lead Role – Les Martin – Be Good or Be Gone
Best Actress in a Supporting Role – Janelle Jones – Good Counsel
Best Actor in a Supporting Role – Numan Cakir – Toprak
Best Performance by a Full Cast – Summer Nights
Best Screenplay – Alan Fischer and Daniel Castro – The Imaginary State
Best Cinematography – Chris Hirschhaeuser – Toprak
Best Screenplay – Feature (Unproduced) – Good Grief – Emily Rued
Best Screenplay – Pilot (Unproduced) – The Lighthouse – Daniel Talbott

Source: SOFF

2020 Audience Award Winners

Audience Award Winners

Feature Film – Be Good or Be Gone
Feature Film – Summer Nights
Short Film – Drama – My Hero, Six Nights, & The Giving Key
Short Film – Comedy – Exit Package & Ex-Sisters-In-Law
Short Film – Experimental – The Myth of Winter, UnderSee, & Death Offers Life
Short Film – Horror – Curiosity, Household Demons, & A Strange Calm
Documentary – We Are All In This Together, Shaking a Singapore Spear

Source: SOFF

2020 Filmmaker’s Award Winners

Filmmakers Award Winners

Outstanding Short Film – Comedy – Age of Bryce  
Outstanding Short Film – Comedy – Seance-ing
Outstanding Director – Comedy – David Feagan, Brian Elliott – Age of Bryce
Outstanding Screenplay – Comedy – Alix Angelis – Seance-ing
Outstanding Acting, Cast – Comedy – Bryers Cucumber Tostino’s
Outstanding Acting, Individual – Comedy – Patrick Tamisiea – Bryers Cucumber Tostino’s
Outstanding Acting, Duo – Comedy – Suzan Mikiel, Allison Youngberg – Ex-Sisters-In-Law
Outstanding Cinematography – Comedy – Rachel Dusa – Bryers Cucumber Tostino’s

Outstanding Short Film – Drama – Alina
Outstanding Short Film – Drama – Planet Earth calling Ana
Outstanding Short Film – Drama – Valley
Outstanding Director – Drama – Rami Kodeih – Alina
Outstanding Screenplay – Drama – Nora Mariana Salim – Alina
Outstanding Acting, Cast – Drama – Valley
Outstanding Acting, Individual – Drama – Laia Manzanares – Planet Earth calling Ana
Outstanding Cinematography – Drama – Matt Schween – Tides

Outstanding Short Film – Experimental – Miniature Chess
Outstanding Director – Experimental – Martin Gerigk – Haiku
Outstanding Screenplay – Experimental – Phil Cheney – Miniature Chess
Outstanding Performance, Cast – Experimental – Miniature Chess
Outstanding Performance, Individual – Experimental – Kennedy Knopf – SHE
Outstanding Performance, Inanimate Object – Experimental – Chip the shopping cart – The Myth of Winter
Outstanding Cinematography – Experimental – Julie Kim – SHE

Outstanding Short Film – Horror – Eleanor
Outstanding Short Film – Horror – Household Demons
Outstanding Director – Horror – Austin Rourke – A Strange Calm
Outstanding Screenplay – Horror – Chris Dawson – Eleanor
Outstanding Acting, Cast – Horror – A Strange Calm
Outstanding Acting, Individual – Horror – Yael Gonen – Eleanor
Outstanding Cinematography – Horror – Zach Stoltzfus – Household Demons

Outstanding Music Video – Black Metal Romance – Joey Danger, Director

Source: SOFF

2020 Programmer’s Prize Winners

Cyber Underground
Fyrvaktaren: Bathtub By The Sea
Grade A
Your Heart Is Mine

A message from SOFF programmer Jeff Howard:

Every year it’s a challenge for me when we look at the votes from the juries and tabulate which films are getting awards.  Invariably I see see some omissions that I cannot abide.  Sometimes it’s that coincidence that a film repeatedly comes in second place for various awards without actually getting an award.  Sometimes it’s the fact that I see every film more than once.  Your opinions change a lot with multiple viewings and this makes my perspective different from other jury members.

How to fix the problem?  I do not want to be a programmer who lobbies jury members to change their votes.  Instead we invented the Programmer’s Prize so that I get to honor films that slipped through the cracks and I sleep a little better at night.

For SOFF 2020, I wanted to have around fifteen of these.  (Part of me wants every official selection to get an award like a children’s soccer league.) As much as it pained me, I narrowed it down to the four you see above.

Source: SOFF

134. 4Qs with Luisa Novo

Luisa came prepared with notes for her 4Q’s

What are the 4Q’s?

  • Name your favorite films of all time (limit 3)
  • Name a film you think is underrated
  • Name a film you think is overrated
  • Name a lesser-known film that you think people should seek out

Luisa Novo is a Film Invasion Los Angeles master filmmaker whose films have been Official Selections in 2017 and 2020.  And her next project, a TV series, just got funded on Seed+Spark!  A native of Brazil and resident of Los Angeles, I was very curious to hear her favorite films.

Don’t forget that you can watch her film Becoming Lucy right now on Amazon Prime Video in Season 1 Episode 10Click here to be taken to the Amazon page. or you can go to Prime Video on your TV and search for “Discover Indie Film.”

Here are Luisa’s DIF4Q answers:

  • Favorites: Drive, Sunset Boulevard, Adventureland
  • Underrated: Leviathan (2014, Russia)
  • Overrated: Shutter Island
  • Seek Out: The Hunt (2012, Denmark)

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