FILA Livestream Tests

Watch some GREAT films with Q&A’s to follow. We are testing the Livestream system before FILA 2020 starts on June 8 by showing you some of the best shorts we’ve had over the years.

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All of our Livestreams will be at that URL.

Livestream Test Schedule

Monday, May 11 at 7 PM PDT: The King In The Ring
Wednesday, May 27 at 10 AM PDT: Transmission
Saturday, May 30 at 7 PM PDT: STUCK
Monday, June 1 at 6 PM PDT: Chirp, Buzz & Other Sensations
Monday, June 1 at 7 PM PDT: This Modern Man Is Beat

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FILA 2020 Screening Schedule

We are excited to present the schedule for FILA 2020!

Click here to see the complete schedule with posters, synopses, and cast info!

FILA 2020 Schedule

Monday, June 8, 6 PM
Program 1 – Comedy Spotlight

How To Save A Marriage
Grief Vigilantes
First States

Monday, June 8, 7:30 PM
Program 2 – Authentic Spotlight

The Hostess
Fantasmas (Ghosts)

Monday, June 8, 9 PM
Program 3 – Music Video Spotlight

Nice Shoes
Near Dark Radio

Tuesday, June 9, 6 PM
Program 4 – Documentary Spotlight

Comfort Farms

Tuesday, June 9, 7:30 PM
Program 5 – Cinematic Spotlight

Passenger Man
The Bus to Birra Birra

Tuesday, June 9, 9 PM
Program 6 – Documentary Spotlight


Wednesday, June 10, 6 PM
Program 7 – Intensity Spotlight

Far Gone
The Squirrels in the Attic

Wednesday, June 10, 7:30 PM
Program 8 – Boldness Spotlight

Kiko’s Saints

Wednesday, June 10, 8:30 PM
Program 9 – Zen Spotlight

Desire Lines

Thursday, June 11, 6 PM
Program 10 – Immediacy Spotlight


Thursday, June 11, 8:30 PM
Program 11- Hollywood Spotlight


Monday, June 15, 6 PM
FILA Screenplay Awards

Monday, June 15, 7 PM
Program 12 – Honesty Spotlight

LA Break up

Monday, June 15, 8:30 PM
Program 13 – Satire Spotlight

Granny Knows Best
Artísta Obscura

Tuesday, June 16, 6 PM
Program 14 – Retro Spotlight

American SciFi

Tuesday, June 16, 8 PM
Program 15 – Breakthrough Spotlight

Three Roads

Wednesday, June 17, 6 PM
Program 16 – Originality Spotlight

Kids Don’t Die
Kama’āina (Child of the Land)

Wednesday, June 17, 7 PM
Program 17 – Eclectic Spotlight

To the Moon and Back

Wednesday, June 17, 8 PM
Program 18 – Virtuoso Spotlight


Thursday, June 18, 6 PM
Program 19 – Inventive Spotlight

Village of the Gramned
The World Inside

Thursday, June 18, 7:30 PM
Program 20 – Innovative Spotligh
Cold Hard Blood

Thursday, June 18, 8:30 PM
Program 21 – Uproarious Spotlight

Life’s A Bitch And Then One Kills You

Official Selections Not Streaming
His Mother
Joseph turns 42 (Or the Inconsistency of Wonders)
Sofa Queen
Starting at Zero: Reimagining Education in America

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2020 Official Selection: Narrative Short Film – Drama

On a road trip with her best friend, Valentina is finally given the space and support necessary to process the grief and guilt she carries in association to her boyfriend’s suicide.

Director(s): Marielle Boland
Writer(s): Marielle Boland
Producer(s): Bailey Olmstead and Joshua Rowen-Keren
Starring: Jasmine Flores and Emily Schlachter

Best friends on a road trip through grief.

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Desire Lines

2020 Official Selection: Narrative Feature Film

A conflicted adult film actress attends a meditation group and mixes with an offbeat clientele and their troubled guru.

Director(s): Patrick Connolly
Writer(s): Patrick Connolly & Nigel Lysaght
Producer(s): Camille Raquel & Patrick Connolly
Starring: Camille Calvin, Nigel Lysaght, Dwight Huntsman, Jonathan Dylan King, Teagan Morin, Jamie Ohlsen

And your mind will wander…you will get lost…

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Kiko’s Saints

2020 Official Selection: Narrative Short Film – Experimental/Arthouse

Kiko, a Japanese illustrator on assignment in France, gets suddenly overwhelmed by a strange inspiration, while she realizes she’s been spying on a gay couple on the beach next to the chapel where she’s working. Obsessed by such a vision, she will spy on those men and draw them secretly. This will slowly push her towards an encounter that will change her life and breaks her social rules.

Director(s): Marmier Manuel
Writer(s): Marmier Manuel
Producer(s): G.R.E.C.
Starring: Lika Minamoto, Kengo Saïto, François Burgun, Arthur Gillet, Riohey Tabura

Kiko drawing a lost church in the dunes

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